Alimenta El Cambio
We invest in people through education and leadership to reduce poverty

About Alimenta el Cambio

The initiative for Alimenta el Cambio or Feed the Change is about making a small change in the life of others to achieve impact for many others. It responds to the needs of poor and many times displaced women and children. We know that it is hard to make a sustainable difference. We know that we are not able to help many of all those that would require a helping hand. That is why we have set up a program to empower women and girls through leadership and education. Through those people we can make sustainable changes to large groups and entire communities once they pay the empowerment forward. We give dedicated people a much needed push in the right direction, so they can move their community forward.

We want to make a difference to them. This is how we feed the change.

Alimenta el Cambio is an established foundation in The Netherlands, registered with the Netherlands Tax Office and under KvK number 62674455.

If you want to write to us you can do so through